You can find a complete overview of our State of Art Eyewear collection below. Because the frames are an unfinished product, we’ve chosen to distribute State of Art Eyewear exclusively through the channel of quality opticians. We advise you to have your eyes checked by a certified optician every time you purchase a pair of glasses, and to try it extensively so it can be adapted for best possible comfort.
Would you like to try some of our glasses? We can send the frames of your choice to an optician in your vicinity, no strings attached. Make use of our ordering module, and you’ll be able to try them on within two days.

  1.  Order your model today from State of Art Eyewear, no obligation to purchase.
  1.  Have your eyes measured by the optician and choose the best frame.
  1.  Have the other models shipped back and pay your order to the relevant optician.